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Knowledge and Skills are great, but how do you demonstrate them to employers and colleagues? Certification. But what kind?

Certificates from Microsoft, Amazon, Google etc are truly recognized and respected globally and across all industries and gives the right edge over any other local certification. 

More and more industry roles require proficiency in specialized skills - meaning companies today recruit and enable people not on technical skills but "on a certain set of technical skills" which are required for a resource for that certain role(s).  As the business world continues its digital transformation, the need for people with the latest skills increases, which means not only freshers or tech professionals, but professionals such as sales managers, marketers, brand developers, can also benefit from certification.

Why Pursue
Global Certificates?

Get Hired

Sooner and Better. Global Certification validates your skills, which means you’ll have what you need to stand out as a great candidate. Employers regularly use certification as a criterion for hiring. New hires who have certifications easily reach full productivity months ahead than non-certified hires, and thus they have more opportunities for advancement, too.

Get Recognized

Pursuing these certifications requires you to build the rights skills which in turn makes you reach full productivity sooner and become an indispensable employee or team member. According to global reports, compared to their peers, Microsoft and Amazon certified professionals are 90 percent more productive and nearly 60 percent more efficient.

Get Rewarded

According a Microsoft survey, nearly 30 percent of the almost 1400 professionals surveyed reported a direct increase in their salary after certification. Nearly 95 percent of IT decision-makers believe that certification adds value to an organization and thus Certified employees are often entrusted with supervising their peers—putting them on the fast track for a promotion.

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Some Sought After Certifications
to Get You Started

Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900)

AWS Certified Cloud Practioner (Amazon)

Microsoft Certified Data Scientist, Data Engineer (DP-100, DP-200)

Salesforce Platform Developer (PD1)

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