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Bridging the
Industry Skill Gap


Designing and Providing Tailor made Skill
Development, Learning and Hands-On Training Solution through Structured, Boot Camp style, Immersive Industry Tested Role-Based Curriculum, focused on bridging the prevalent Industry Skill Gap

Giving your employees and students, the opportunity to develop new skills and capabilities in an experiential way, is an effective way to dramatically improve job excellence, employee engagement & retention as well as providing the college students with the necessary skills to seek and achieve better job opportunities and to do well in their first job.

We work with a global network of experienced, specialized facilitators, coupled with multi modal learning tools to offer a comprehensive range of innovative and effective hands-on learning and development solutions. Programs range from two hour seminars to multi-day sessions both online and in-person.

At Kvaluent, we strive to contribute to the growth of your organization and institute by providing the appropriate tools and training necessary for job excellence and career advancement. We have been working with businesses for years and draw upon our experience spanning diverse industries, business functions, educational institutes and cultures to deliver value adding experiences for your most valuable asset - your people an students.

Tech Skilling

Stay ahead in today's ever-evolving technological landscape with our standard and customized, hands-on training programs tailored to meet the specific needs of your business or your career


With trainings, designed to be interactive and engaging, learners learn by doing, putting their newly acquired skills into practice immediately.

Online Instructor Led  |  Classroom  |  Self-Paced 


Designed to align skilling and curriculum to relevant business requirement and outcome

Hands-On and Project Driven

Instructor-led Interactive Classes with actual real world development projects

Designed by Tech SME

Vetted and Designed by expert Tech Engineers who know the industry and required skills


Non-Rote and Evocative Learning method focusing on "You Will Know It and You Will Do It" process

Multi Modal Learning

enriched learning experience with comprehensive
learnings and tools

Instructor Led
Hands-On Sessions 



Cloud Based Learning and Engagement Platform


Cloud Based Labs and



Online Coding Challenges and Assessments


Interactive and Online



Discussion Forum and

Mentor Connect


Gamification and Role Based Activities

Diverse Up-Skilling Programs for Diverse Technologies

Tech Collage.png

Program Tiers



Standard and Customized Training Solutions and Delivery for Organizations by partnering with LnD and BU team to co-create high value and efficient programs. To train participants functionally on business required skills and make them both project ready and a valuable resource for the industry with high ROI.



Pre-defined structured coursed aimed primarily for Universities and Colleges empowering students to gain the right skill-set in industry preferred applied learning method. The experiential approach develops a problem-solving mindset which will helps them with better and job opportunities and to do well in their jobs as well

Learning Methods

Virtual Instructor Led Trainings

By leveraging the latest collaborative and virtual technology and with our top instructors, proven functional curriculum, and hands-on labs, we offer an exciting combination of instructor led virtual training and interactive learning.


Deploying expert trainer to your organization. A cost-effective way to facilitate physical training for organization’s learning and development goals.  Our trainer deliver training at the organization's facility with the option of our learning platform and labs for achieving hands-on skills and blended learning

Self Paced Courses (On-Demand) with Practice Lab option

Knowledge and Skills are great, but how do you demonstrate them to employers and colleagues? Our curricullums are aligned towards making you ready for Global Certifications from Microsoft, Amazon and Google

Blended Learnings

The right mix of self-paced Theoretical and Live Classes for the application skills. The Hands-On, Instructor-led interactive classes are available as recordings

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